Transmedia story Telling


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Culture is tradition and tradition is the way of life. Culture is one of the key links that drives growth within the global economy. 

  The exploration and execution of ideas and concept in modern society is essential for the development and growth of the world economy.

Onajobi can assist clients in developing new culture and implementing change within existing culture, within every culture there is a mode of expression that is of the norm within that society. ONAJOBI can assist business and organisation in complementing the Norm and also provide guiding principle for producing and promoting concept and exploring forms of expression while creating value through the use of trans media platform.

  The art of story telling is unique and entertaining to the human consciousness creativity is essential for story telling. ONAJOBI work side by side with content producers all over the globe so as to produce the best visula content .

                                   Application for Trans media story Telling.

ONAJOBI can work with client to facilitate and produce visual content for  Broadcast and digital production and syndication . Onajobi will work with clients through the R&D stage into the final stage of developments, Production and Distribution .


  • Film production
  • Animation production 
  • Digital content publishing
  • Music production
  • Digital media production


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